Monday, 25 July 2011

Art and Artist of the Transvangarde

Published by the October Gallery.

This book containing authoritative essays by leading artists and art critics will be an important critical introduction to the notion of a developing transvangarde, or trans-cultural avant-garde.
Contributors include: John Russell Taylor, Robert Loder, John Allen, Petrine Archer-Straw, Andrew Dempsey, Georgina Beier, Sajid Rizvi, Simon Njami, Ulli Beier, Elisabeth Lalouschek, El Anatsui, Wijdan Ali, Eddie Chambers and Gerard Houghton amongst others.

The word ‘transvangarde’ is  a shorthand way of indicating artists who, coming from one particular culture ultimately belong to all, and are not to be bounded by culturally-specific labels such as ‘African sculptor’ or ‘American painter’ – they are trans-cultural artists, catalytic agents of the transvangarde. Thus, the transvangarde can perhaps best be described as an ongoing multi-cultural experiment in the visual arts that can only be understood in the context of a globally active – and consciously interactive - contemporary art scene without borders or boundaries.

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